Madam M's Crush ~ About us

We Are Open:

Thursday - Monday
4:30 PM - 9:00 PM

(Closed Tuesdays And Wednesdays)

(707) 825-0390

Madam M’s is not your average scene.  We’ve worked very hard to create a unique and secular-friendly vibe.  We aim to be eye-catching, lush, invigorating, gaudy, risqué, deep, flippant, comfortable, elegant, and a little bit wrong, all at the same time.  So yeah, this isn't your cookie cutter Mom n’ Pop wine bar.  It’s the result of our proprietress, Madam M, taking her destiny into her own hands and jumping off that proverbial cliff.  Goodbye desk job, patriarchy, and being a cog in someone else’s machine.  It was time to make her own rules, set her own hours, and create without margins.

We love choosing our own wines - some local (Calaveras, CA; Trinidad, CA; Willow Creek, CA; Willamette Valley, OR) and some international (Alba, Italy; Marlborough, New Zealand; Logroño, Spain).  We want to offer a superlative experience in every varietal.  And oh yeah, we drink our wine.  We're definitely not messing around.  If it's not good enough for us, we won't foist it on you.

It’s the same with our food.  The kitchen is a place for creativity, change, and passion.  Our cook is encouraged to be brave in keeping the menu vibrant, all while being consistent in quality and presentation.  It's food meant for sharing … conversation food; pseudo-French, semi-Italian comfort food meets European bistro … with a couple of rotating entrées and a short list of decadent desserts.

As a small team of people who not only intend to give you exquisite hospitality, we also have a firm intention to enjoy ourselves.  Madam M's is like no other restaurant in the Tri-Cities and we're proud of this.  We're a 1920's-themed, bordello-flavored, global-meets-town, product of joie de vivre.  We are for every demographic, naughty and nice, off the beaten path, and that has made all the difference.  Just two blocks from the plaza, in the historic Pythian Castle, it's the single most providential, less than reverential, consequential, dining experience in Humboldt County.