Madam M's Crush ~ Events

Thursday Trivia Night At Madam M's Crush:

Brains?  Got one, two, a dozen?  Bring 'em!  Find your "A" game and come drink while you think.

Try to take down the House team and win some "Madam M's Mad Money", along with bragging rights for the week.  Join us ... Before it's too late.

We can't wait to see you - Trivia Night starts at 8 PM EVERY Thursday!  Hmmm ....... Better make that 7:45 PM.  You'll need time to order food and drinks.  Reservations are highly encouraged.

Wine And Cheese Pairing At Madam M's Crush:

Join us on Tuesday, February 27th at 6 PM for the very
first pairing event at Madam M's Crush!

We will guide you through a delicious selection of five
artisan cheeses from Cypress Grove, skillfully paired with
five wines from Madam M's.

Only 30 seats are available for this tantalizing event.
Participants must be 21 years of age or older.  Advanced
reservations are required - reservations are only available
until 9 PM on Monday, February 26th.

Pairing Prices (Tax Included):
January 7th Through February 24th: $30 Per Person
February 25th And February 26th: $40 Per Person

For reservations, please call Madam M's Crush at (707) 825-0390.  Credit card payment is due at the time reservations are made.